Export the PX user adoption rate and account adoption rate

  • 12 February 2020
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I was looking into the same thing today. For product reporting purposes, it would be really useful to be able to export the user adoption rate and account adoption rate from the feature adoption reports. Any suggestions on how this would be possible?

3 replies

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Hi Prashant,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I am (at this point) not really interested in the individual users and accounts who are using the features, but mainly in the adoption rates, which I would like to create graphs on for reporting purposes (hence the need for export). As I need this information on ca. 25 features, I would have to do 50 exports and then still write customer Excel queries to calculate the metrics that are already available in the adoption report.

I have identified copying and pasting the numbers as the easiest way to do this at the moment.

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Hello Jef Vanlaer ,


The Adoption Report does not have the export option readily, as in case of a few other reports. However, you can still easily export the list of Users or Accounts who used a specific feature/module, by executing the following steps

1. Scroll down the Adoption reports.

2. Click the Users or Accounts number hyperlink for the required feature or module.  In the following image, users link is clicked for the Timeline module.

You can see that all the 57 users who viewed the Timeline module are listed. If you select the Accounts link, all the accounts that viewed the module/feature are displayed. 

3. Click the Export CSV icon on the top right corner to export the report. 

Export Adoption Report as a CSV file 

You can apply a date range and use other filters at the top of the report to generate the required data and then export it.

Hope this was helpful.




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Hi @Jef Vanlaer thanks for sharing your question! I don’t have an answer for you (yet), but I wanted to make sure your post was visible to others in the Community to respond, so I converted it to a new discussion thread.