Link to Salesforce from C360 - NXT Edition

  • 19 November 2022
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Does anyone know how to create an easy link out from a customer’s C360 to their Salesforce page? This is very straight forward if on the Salesforce edition of Gainsight, but we’re on NXT and it doesn’t seem near as simple.


I found this post by Spencer which allows you to create a URL using Concatenate and Rules Engine -- I was able to get this to work, however, the link only seems to work from within Reports but doesn’t function the same elsewhere. When trying to embed the URL on a customer’s C360, it just shows as the URL structure: <a href”[url] etc.


Does anyone know how to cleanly link to a Salesforce page from the C360 on the NXT edition of Gainsight? Ideally we’d have it live in the Summary > Attributes section at the top of the C360.

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