Pause & Resume is Available for Published Programs

  • 21 May 2019
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Gainsight released version 6.3.2 patch on May 21 which enables Admins to pause and resume a published program.


Previously, in Journey Orchestrator, users could not pause or resume a Program in an Active status. Now, Admins can Pause and Resume an Active Program, and when it is paused, the Participant's status is set to paused.


The Actions/Activities that are in queue at the time when the Program is paused are executed normally, and the participants are paused only at the next Wait Timer/Conditional wait. Once the Program is resumed, all the timers will be adjusted to account for the paused duration. For example, assume you have a step which says Wait for 3 days, but you have paused the program for a day and then resumed it. The wait step automatically recognizes the pause duration of 1 day, and now waits for 4 days instead of 3 to compensate for the pause duration.


Note: While the program is in a paused state, Gainsight is not listening for events such as Open Email, Close Event, CTA Open/Close. Therefore, when you resume, it will assume that the participant has not read the email, for example, and proceed in the Program path based on that assumption. We are planning to address this in a future release.

2 replies

What if you have a email chain program that is scheduled to run weekly that sends one email. Can the pause be used to skip a week? It doesn't sound like it based on the description, but just want to confirm.

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Thank you!! This was much needed for us.