Gainsight beta program for “Email to Timeline”

  • 15 November 2018
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Greetings from Gainsight!

Gainsight welcomes you to join the beta program for "Email to Timeline," one of our most awaited features. Be the first one to use this feature and help us make it even better!


Email to Timeline will be launched soon in beta mode, and your valuable experience and feedback will help us make this feature more useful and delightful.

Many of our customers have already signed up for this program, and this is the final call to enroll in the beta. We plan to freeze the nominations by 21st Nov. Please leave a message in the comment section below if you want to join this program.

We will post the following details soon:

- How to enable this in your Org

- How to use this feature

- What are the limitations

If you volunteer for this program, your Gainsight Administrator will soon receive a communication email containing the details about the next steps.  

                           Looking forward to seeing your active participation!!



                                                       Thank you!



29 replies

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Genesys would like to participate in this beta program.

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Thank you all for expressing your interest in our new Email to Timeline feature. The nomination process is now closed. Gainsight’s Email to Timeline team will soon be enabling this feature in the production orgs of those accounts who were nominated to use this feature in Beta mode. This feature will be enabled in batches starting from 26th November, 2018. Your Gainsight Admins will soon receive an email with more details.

We hope you all enjoy using this feature! We’d love to hear about your experience with the Email to Timeline feature! Please share your valuable feedback and subscribe to the Email to Timeline Beta topic to participate in feature related discussions.

Awesome, can Intelligent Office be included in the trial pls?

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Hi @Gary Ruddick, Thank you for your interest. As of now the nominations are closed. We will include you if we plan for next batch of roll out.