Allow all Cockpit group/sort/filters to remain sticky

  • 27 October 2015
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Our regional directors use Cockpit to view CTAs for their teams as a whole. While the overall Cockpit Filter remains sticky, the "Owner" does not if they close out of Salesforce and come back in.Typically our directors will apply an overall filter for their region (which sticks) and then switch "Owner" to All Owners. When they close their Salesforce session and come back into Cockpit, the overall filter by region remains but the Owner defaults back to the director's name. 

8 replies

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We are planning to provide views (a view is a saved filter) and then make views sticky. You would ideally be able to create views such as My CTAs,  My Teams CTAs and we will remember the view that was most recently selected and present it even after you close your Salesforce session and come back into cockpit. 

This would also provide easy way to access the multiple views that you usually toggle between. We will keep these view private to the owner to make sure your cockpit is not overwhelming with other views. 

Do let us know what you think about this direction. 
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We would love the ability to create and save custom views. It would make it easier to work with cockpit during weekly team reviews. 
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That is correct Renee. 
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Thanks, Sidhu! What you've described sounds great. 
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I was literally about to post up asking for exactly this functionality - I've found myself constantly changing filters from one meeting to another between our different teams & stakeholders. Any planned release date for cockpit views? 
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I believe the ability to create custom views (per user) in the Cockpit will be coming with the November 29th release.  It was one of the new features I was really excited about. From what I understand, each user will need to set up their custom views.
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Just to add: these custom views will include all filters, custom fields added to the list view (up to two), and applied group by/sort by selections.
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Cockpit custom views are available now. You can now save filters, custom fields added to the list view, group by/sort by selections as a view in cockpit.