Make the task status visible in Success Plans

  • 6 March 2018
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My understanding is that there currently isn't a way to see the status of the tasks that sit under the objectives in Success Plans. Is there a way to add that level of visibility? It would really help with adoption of Success Plans in our org to be able to see the status without having to click into the task's details. 


Best answer by aditya_marla 7 March 2018, 10:46

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Hi Jen,

Currently, it is not would only be able to visually differentiate between open & closed tasks. 
Also, how many task statuses do you use? 

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Hi Aditya,

I understand it's not currently possible, but I also don't understand the rationale as to why it can't be made possible just to have the status visible. It's annoying for folks to have to click into the task to see the actual status. We usually have between 5-6 statuses, including open/close ones but also "blocked" or "at risk". 

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@Jen, I agree with you, this will reduce a click to see the actual status!

@Jen,Adding too many options to the UI looks clumsy,How do you think this should be displayed here?

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I see. Well for our format above, the status is one of the columns of data we display for the success plan, so I was imagining that if you choose to have status display, it would display for all the subsequent tasks. Not sure if you could enforce that for just that one datapoint when it comes to the UI. I'd be curious to see though how many admins have configured status to always show for their success plans. If it's the majority, then I would imagine that the image you show above is more of an edge case than not.