Loading NPS data to the SFDC Survey Feedback Object

  • 12 July 2019
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Hi All,

I am trying to create a rule to Load to SFDC object for my NPS surveys and am running into a roadblock - I'm hoping someone can help get around it.

I'm using Survey 2.0 and need to have each NPS survey response push data to the Survey Feedback object in SFDC. I have my rule set up to pull the NPS survey data and have included identifiers for the account and contact. I have my Load to SFDC actions set up for each question response, but when I run the rule I get the following error:

System.NullPointerException: Argument cannot be null. (JBCXM)

I've tried reconfiguring the rule in a number of different ways including doing insert or upsert, doing it one account at a time, one question at a time, etc. Every test I've run I get that same error. I've opened a support case for this but we still havent gotten it working. Has anyone experienced this or does someone know a way around it?


2 replies

Can you post a screenshot of your Setup Rule screen? I assume you need to add a null check in your criteria

For some reason I keep getting a "failure to Load Image" error when I try to upload it here. Here's an overview:


Survey ID > Name; Participant ID > Full Name, Email, Account Name, SFDC Account ID, SFDC Contact ID; Question ID > Title, Display Order; Answer ID > Title


Survey Id > Name = NPS Survey

Account Lookup:

Participant ID > SFDC Account ID