What type of outreach do you do for low-touch customers leading up to auto renewal?

  • 13 April 2018
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We have recently started to offer auto renewals to our new customers.  Many of them are in a segment that has no CSM, but does have the Renewals Team handle renewals. We're about to have some of our first automatic renewals come up and we're wondering what type of outreach other companies are doing leading up to this renewal/anniversary date.

Is there a health check X days before the anniversary?  Are you reminding the invoice is coming?

Does anyone have a best practice to share?

6 replies

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Hey Nicole!

Great topic. Although our organization does have customer set to auto-renew, we do have a pretty robust renewal email automation process. In reading your post, it sounds like this subset of customers will be “auto-invoiced” on a specific date. The best practice is certainly to alert them of this specific date and, ideally, the amount you’ll be invoicing them for. I would also see if you could break out what those dollars get them, and even better, what hose dollars accomplished for them in outcomes this past term. Your message should come from a person, thus allowing the chance for questions and discussion. Not sure what your deal size or market is, including the necessity for contracts, but be purposeful with your timeline. We kick off our renewals 90 Days out. That might be too long for you, but wanted to give an example.

Happy to talk more!
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Nicole, you definitely want to take Ben up on his offer to chat about this. Ben's programs are pretty well built and his team has put a lot of thought into them!
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Thanks for the kudos Dan!
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Awesome.  Thanks!  Dan- Can you connect me and Ben via email?
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I would also like to connect on this. If you guys could include me as well it woudl be great! Thanks!!!
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Sure thing Marcelo! Happy to talk anytime