Trigger more than 1 bot per session w/o code

  • 13 November 2020
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Posting on behalf of a customer:

  • Trigger more than 1 bot per session (in other words, 1 for URL1 and 1 for all other URLs) without using API or Global Context
  • Use case: There’s a specific beta feature (on a particular URL) we want feedback on. Using the bot would be great for this to gather feedback, but we can’t have that run concurrently with the other more general bot in the same session. 

2 replies

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Thanks, Julie… this is a great use case for PX KC Bot.


We plan to investigate options to support this capability. The feature may instead be implemented by not having to create another KC Bot but rather more controls within the same KC Bot on which engagements to show/hide based on URL.

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It would be great to have audience selection criteria for engagements and links in the KC bot. URL is a start, but product mapper and global context selections would be really helpful.