Salesforce Integration- Account and Contact- joining to other objects for push/pull to/from px

  • 27 October 2021
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Reading through the Salesforce Integration to Gainsight PX, I do understand that only one match record can be utilized and then only at the account as well as contact level.


In the world of data wrangling, this is very limiting.  We would like to push/pull other relational fields that are not on the account or contact object level.  And require joins to other objects.

For example to utilize name information like salesforce account owner name, one must do a join to the specific user table.  I am lobbying for change of the salesforce integration  to include more than a very limited inner join of a match field for account and contact objects.

gsight_group.gsight_acct.acct_id as GS_Acct, as GS_Acct_Name, 
gsight_group.gsight_acct.prod_nme as GS_Product_Name, 
gsight_group.gsight_acct.sfdc_id as GS_SFDC_id, as GS_Duns, 
gsight_group.gsight_acct.org_subscriber_id as GS_Org_Sub, 
gsight_group.gsight_acct.subscriber_id as GS_Subscriber_Id, 
gsight_group.gsight_acct.sfdc_acct_ownr as SFDC_Acct_ownr,,
gsight_group.gsight_acct.work_space_creation_dt as GS_Work_space_creation_dt,
sfdc_nagroup.account.d_u_n_s__c as SFDC_duns, 
sfdc_nagroup.account.subscriber_number__c as SFDC_Subscriber_Id, 
sfdc_nagroup.account.accountnumber as SFDC_Acct, as SFDC_Account_Id, 

FROM gsight_group.gsight_acct 
inner JOIN sfdc_nagroup.account ON = sfdc_nagroup.account.d_u_n_s__c
left join sfdc_nagroup.vw_sfdcna_user ON gsight_group.gsight_acct.sfdc_acct_ownr =
limit 1000


2 replies

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Hello @Janine Marlatt, thank you for posting on Community. Passing this along to our Product Manager to be looked into and circle back to you with an answer.

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Hi @Janine Marlatt Thanks for the request. We will add this to our list of things to do for the roadmap.