Retention Analysis - Advanced Event Functionality

  • 22 September 2021
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I’ve been using Retention Analysis to help identify the behavioral events that lead to user activation. I used the Advanced functionality to start my engagement timeline with different events and then assess the usage that follows those events. We want to analyze our usage and determine which X behaviors need to be taken Y times in Z number of days for our users to become daily, weekly or monthly active users.

At present when you add an Event (not a filter, but first event off which the data is keyed), you’re able to add a feature, but you’re not giving the same options as you are when you add a feature through a filter. For instance, when I add feature usage through the filter panel, I’m able to specify the number of times that feature is used. When I’m adding an Event through Retention Analysis, I’m not able to add that qualifying data point.

Additionally, on Retention Analysis, when adding an even OR a filter, I’m not able to pair the event with timeframe in which it took place unlike other places in the app. For example:

  • If I add feature usage as a filter in Audience Explorer, I’m able to specify the feature, the number of times the feature was used and the timeframe in which this usage took place
  • If I add feature usage as a filter in Retention Analysis, I’m able to specify the feature, the number of times the feature was used
  • If I add an primary Event in Retention Analysis, I’m only able to specific the feature

Feauture selection is possible in the three spots above, but the secondary and tertiary qualifying data points aren’t consistent in all spots. It’s essential for my use case to have the ability to apply the these qualifying data points on the Event in Retention Analysis. Applying the number of times a behavioral event was performed will allow us to say “If we can get a user to utilized this feature, 3 times in their first week, we know they’re seeing value and will become a weekly active user.”

Thanks for looking into this!

3 replies

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Hello @anthony.guerreso, thank you for your post. Will be forwarding this to our Product Manager to look into and get back to you. 

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Hi @anthony.guerreso 
Thank you for taking time to explain in detail! Will be adding this to our backlog and prioritise it appropriately.

Thanks @Chandu! I appreciate your consideration of my request and its addition to the backlog.