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Notify user when changing a mapped product tied to an engagement

  • 12 February 2020
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As someone helping manage the Gainsight product at my company, I want to be notified when I change the name or location of a module/feature in Product Mapper, if it is tied to an engagement.


Today I had the unfortunate experience of changing modules & features in the product mapper without realizing it was tied to engagements.


What resulted was the engagement that was tied to those modules triggering much more frequently than expected.


With a number of different people using the platform, it would be really helpful to be notified when a change made in product mapper will affect live engagements.


Note - something similar already exists: if you try to delete a module tied to a segment, you are notified you can’t do that. 

1 reply

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Hi @adamrz,

Thank you for bringing this up, I second your thoughts on alerting the user upon change in the feature which was being used in active engagement.



@angelo / @mickey


Dileep Nalla