Export PX Users With a Specific Permission Level

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Hello everyone,

It would be convenient if we would have a way to export a list of all our employees with access to PX and with a specific level of permissions. For example, if we would have a “button” to export all our employees with “Manager permission” for Product Mapper. In the current setup, we would need to click on each and every user to check his/her permission levels and then write it down in a list somewhere on the side.

This can be especially useful in case that our PX Admins notice some critical changes which were not planned by them - so they need to investigate who made these changes, why and what else was changed by the same user.

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@dorian_cudina thank you for posting your request here. I check will the possibility with the product team and get back to you.  

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@dorian_cudina this is a great request. Can you please add the “user management” tag to this thread to increase visibility?


Additionally, I would like to build on this request. We have 8 instances of Gainsight (mostly to be able to manage permission levels differently for one product to another). And with this many instances and users, we have many, many users creating reports, filters, and bookmarks across all of these instances. 


When my PX administrator goes in to update mapped features, or reorganize some of the data, we run into issues where features cannot be updated because they are being used in a report somewhere. (Great protection feature, thank you!)


But without full user management privileges as a system admin, we cannot see who created these reports, or delete them if they are now obsolete. There is not a lot of visibility into how our company is using Gainsight PX. This is an enterprise level feature that is truly necessary when you have dozens or hundreds of employees taking advantage of PX. Admin responsibilities become very important. We track our Admins in our platforms using gainsight and that data is invaluable. We would like to access the data that PX is tracking on PX. :grin:

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We will add this to our list of things that we would work to enhance User Management.

@Namrata Mitra  Please see this and add this to our work plan.