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Dynamic Checklists/Progress Bar engagement type

  • 11 November 2019
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We're looking for a way to integrate gamification elements into our PX onboarding flow, and checklists and progress bars generally work very well for this.

Although the KC Bot will show a checked box for every engagement a user completed, we would like to incorporate this more prominently into our engagements that we show to new users only.

Ideally, there would be a engagment type that creates a checklist based on a selection of existing engagments and shows a progress bar that changes with completion of the selected engagments. 

Clicking on engagements in the list will close the checklist and trigger the selected engagements. 


This is an example I found:


3 replies

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Yeah, I would say that this feature would be huge!  I actually mentioned that gamification would be a lovely addition to the tool to the product team at Pulse Europe!

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cc: @mickey 

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This would be a fantastic feature. Most onboarding experiences can accommodate this and it would be such a benefit for our customers to have some sort of progress bar or checklist in Engagements.