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Additional logic for NPS surveys in engagements (with/without comments)

  • 16 April 2020
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At the end of January we ran an in-tool NPS survey which returned over 9,000 responses and provided us invaluable insight into the NPS for each of our accounts. This allowed us to take important actions for those accounts with lower NPS, touch base with admins that were passive/detractors and generally get a great feel for satisfaction with our product globally. 


We have set this survey to run every four months, with the next survey due to show in the tool at the end of May. We would like to act smarter and more systematically the next time this survey starts to receive responses, especially for detractors and passives, in the form of an email engagement. 


One thing that is lacking in the logic for NPS surveys in engagements is to be able to filter surveys by with/without comments. Depending on whether the user left comments or not in their response can massively change how you want to approach your engagement. I.e. With comments means you can contact user directly as they have already left detail, without comments requires a bit more info in order to be able to apporach any engagement proactively.



We would like to send an email engagement to all passives and detractors that left a survey WITHOUT comments, asking them for a little bit more information about their score. This information will be solicited with a survey built with our tool. Once filled out, an alert will be sent to our CRM for one of our CS team reach out to the client, approaching the call/email based on the feedback left. 

When a user leaves a passive/detractor score WITH commnts, we would like to skip the step asking for more information and contact them directly. 

Without the extra engagment logic, clients who already left additional feedback are asked to perhaps repeat themselves, perhaps adding to their frustrations. 

It would be amazing to have this extra logic in order to create automation on our side four our CSMs and touch base in the best way possible with as many of our less satisfied users. I could see the extra logic slotting in nicely here:

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Great idea @MBell92 !

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The good news is that since your company also uses our Gainsight Customer Success (CS) platform and the Gainsight Product Experience (PX) Survey data is synched on a daily basis, you can send these followup emails using our Journey Orchestrator Programs feature to target only those that did NOT provide comments.   

Following up on NPS responses is a standard CS motion, so definitely discuss this request directly with your CS Client Outcomes Manager so it can be implemented and in place for your next wave of in-app NPS responses.