Updated Virtual Instructor Led Training Classes

  • 27 June 2018
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Exciting news! We've adjusted our Virtual Instructor Led (VIL) training classes to focus on Gainsight applications or groups of related features, so that you can sign up for training on exactly what you need -- like Reports & Dashboards, Scorecards, Journey Orchestrator, etc.  (These topics used to be covered under the Admin 100 and Admin 200 series.)

VIL classes are available for both new and existing Gainsight customers & include exercises and the opportunity to ask questions. Feel free to register for relevant sessions that start with the word "Admin" (for Administrator training) at customersuccessuniversity.gainsight.com. [i]

After we refine our new VIL application-based approach for admins, the remaining on demand courses (same URL > available courses) AND the Gainsight 100 VIL series for end users will follow the same strategy. If you're in the middle of the Admin 100 or 200 on demand training, please continue! You have plenty of time to finish the on demand recordings & we'll reach out when we're closer to transitioning the on demand material to the new application format.

3 replies

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Hi Lila, great stuff. Will any of these VIL classes be available 9-5 GMT time?
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Thanks for the feedback, Faelan!  At this time we're not able to add additional VIL sessions covering more time zones, but we're happy to consider this for the future.  In the meantime, we are planning to make recordings of the VIL sessions available on demand.  Please stay tuned for an announcement for on demand availability.  
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Good news -- Recordings of the new Application-based training sessions are now being posted at customersuccessuniversity.gainsight.com under the "Available Courses" section. 

For new Gainsight administrators, we recommend starting with the "Gainsight - Admin Foundations" training.  Then take advantage of sessions based on the Applications included in your agreement with Gainsight.   

For Gainsight Administrators who are already taking the Admin 100 and/or 200 Series sessions, we encourage you to complete those courses since the application-based content is redundant.  You're always welcome to come back and take a refresher Application-based session on any specific topic of interest.   

Thanks for all the positive feedback on this adjustment to how we organize our training materials.  We look forward to sharing more training improvements in the future!