September Release 4.32 is Available

  • 17 September 2015
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The following are some key enhancements in Gainsight Version 4.32 released September 17, 2015. With this release, Gainsight offers:

  • Zendesk integration enables ticket syncing and reporting from Gainsight, as well as linking tickets to Risk CTAs
  • Support for file attachments in CoPilot emails, plus the option to include multiple links to a survey within an email
  • Improved Rules Engine interface to more easily search for and manage rules
  • Sponsor Tracking provides better tools for managing deleted contacts
  • Success Plan Objectives are available for filtering and grouping in the Cockpit List View

Click here to read the complete release notes. 

5 replies

I could not find the app in Zendesk Marketplace. 
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Thanks for pointing this out, Henry. We expect the app to be available within about 2 days. 
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I miss the only icons in the Rules Engine, instead of the faces. It's easier to read the bold check mark and red !. 
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When you login to your Zendesk account, you can download the Gainsight app from their marketplace. It is not yet available in their external marketplace. 
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If you installed our Zendesk integration app, we recommend that you uninstall it, or hold off on installing it, until we fix a security issue. 

We have a security issue in our Zendesk connector that we released this month. The issue is that once a Gainsight user authorizes MDA and then enables Zendesk integration, any user/agent in Zendesk is automatically logged into SFDC as the user who has authorized MDA. Agents can gain this unintended access only via the Gainsight app in Zendesk. Therefore, we recommend customers uninstall the app from their Zendesk Sub-domain (or hold off from installing our app) until we provide a fix and publish an updated version of the app. If you have enabled syncing of Gainsight and Zendesk data, disable the sync.