Gainsight Emergency Hotfix : Friday, 23rd September 2016

  • 23 September 2016
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Window : 

CST - Between 10:00 AM
and 12:00 PM, Friday,
23rd  September 2016  

UTC - Between 03:00 PM
and 05:00 PM, Friday,
23rd  September 2016

IST -  Between 08:30 PM and 10:30 PM, Friday, 23rd  September 2016


Post yesterday's major release, we have
identified a potential issue which could cause failures of rules in certain
conditions.   An Emergency Hotfix
will be deployed on MDA (Backend Infrastructure) to fix this issue.  

Data Processor queue will be in hold state
for about 1 hours during this maintenance. 
Soon after the
deployment,  Data Processor queue will resumed as normal.

Hold Time : 
 1 Hours


Details : PRODUCTION Environment

Application  - SFDC  :  NO IMPACT

Data Ingestion
Queue - MDA :   NO IMPACT

Data Processor
Queue - MDA :  Delay of about 1 Hour expected

Rules Engine
Queue  - MDA :  NO IMPACT



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5 replies

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Manesh was there a notification of a major release yesterday? I didn't see one.  What is the nature of this issue which could cause failures of rules?
Hi Jeff,

Here is the link for yesterdays Major Release in MDA.

I will update the details of the issue shortly.
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Ah Mahesh, thanks. I did get that notificaiton.Apologies, I thought this meant a major release to the frontend.
Hi Jeff,

There was an issue due to a migration script deployed in production yesterday. This script introduced newer data types that was not intended for consumption. With this Hotfix, the earlier behaviour will continue to work.

Hope this helps.
Deployment completed successfully.  Data Processor Queue is back to normal.