Gainsight Assist: New update is available in the chrome store

  • 11 November 2020
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Hello All,
We have released a new update for the chrome plugin, Gainsight Assist today. Going forward this fix will let you know automatically if there is any new updates available without having to manually check for it. We recommend all chrome plugin users to install this update.
Very soon we will be releasing an update for extending the session for chrome plugin. This update will help you get notified automatically when session extension is available in the chrome store.
Please follow below steps to update the chrome plugin, Gainsight assist.


2 replies

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Super. Successfully added to my chrome extension.


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Hello All,
We have released an update today for extending the session.  The new version of chrome plugin you should start using should be 1.3.0.

Please refresh the Gmail today to get the new update details Or you can manually update by following the steps shared above.

Please refer to the documentation for more details