August Release & Preview Webinar Coming Soon!

  • 18 August 2016
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On August 25, Gainsight will release a variety of exciting product enhancements. We’re also hosting a live demonstration of the new functionality on Friday August 26 at 8:45am Pacific -- click here for more details and to sign up!

Here’s a sneak peek at the major enhancements included in the August release:

  • Send Emails from Cockpit: Bring the power of email templates into your Gainsight Playbooks. CSMs get a head start with templated Email tasks that they can customize and send directly within their CTAs. CSMs can also view email open statistics in the Task Detail View in Cockpit.
  • Reporting enhancements: Add Milestones in Report Builder to any account specific, time series report, whether your data lives in SFDC or in MDA. Also, set colors for field values so you have consistency in all of your dashboards and reports.
  • Relationships enhancements: Create Success Plans and Success Snapshot presentations; use Relationships to create Power Lists, and send Relationship Surveys via CoPilot; add Milestones, Surveys, and Sponsor Tracking sections to the R360, and more.
  • Data Spaces: Create custom Data Spaces with a collection of related objects and their lookup relations in one view. Data Spaces will provide consistency, convenience and capability in reporting and rule configuration. (operates on SFDC data and objects)
  • Account Hierarchy: View up to 5 levels of SFDC account hierarchy in the C360 page and sum up to 15 attributes at every level.  
On the day of the release, we'll share links to the latest release notes and documentation.

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