6.15 SFDC is Live + Important Changes

  • 9 June 2020
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6.15 SFDC is Live + Important Changes
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The Gainsight SFDC release is live! Highlights of this release include:

  • Import solutions and assets from Sightline Vault to get up and running in Gainsight faster.

  • Use the new Company Merge feature to merge two companies into a single master company record, and choose which values to store and/or aggregate.

  • Control Scorecard measure weight calculations and create exceptions at the group level, all while enjoying the new Horizon Experience.

  • Take action faster in the Renewal Center with dynamic filters for forecast periods, drill downs on the Analyze tab, and more!

To learn more about the v6.15 release, check out the SFDC release notes and highlights video!


Timeline External Attendees Will Only Work with Gainsight Standard Objects Starting July 2

Starting July 2, Timeline External Attendees functionality will use data from Gainsight Standard Objects such as the Company Person or Relationship Person objects, instead of the SFDC Contact Object. 

This enhancement requires syncing SFDC Contact data to Gainsight. We recommend syncing this data via Connectors 2.0 data jobs. 

If you do not have a SFDC Contact data sync configured to Gainsight Standard objects, the External Attendee search function will stop working as expected when this feature is enabled on July 2.


Improvements to JO Program Analytics in June 12 Hotfix

In order to make our Program Analytics descriptions and analytics data more accurate, specific, and clear, we’ve made a few important modifications on the Program Analytics page. These changes will be live in orgs that take automatic upgrades on June 12.

Accuracy in Participants Count

Previously, only the active and paused participants were counted in the total number of participants in the funnel chart (Participants) and Participant widget of the Program Analytics page. Now, participant calculation is modified to include all participants, except those in the Review state.


Change in Total Email Sent Widget

Previously, the stat displayed in the Total Email Sent widget was the actual number of emails delivered, not sent. Now, the name of the Total Email Sent widget is renamed for clarity to Total Emails Delivered.


Accuracy in the Survey Responded Funnel Chart Count

The Survey responded stats are updated to calculate the actual number of survey responses instead of email opens. 


Accuracy in Open Rate Emails Delivered in the Email Step Report

Fixed backend calculation issues to ensure that accurate stats are displayed.


Change in Bounce Data Across Program Analytics

Previously, only the Hard Bounced date was used in stats displayed in the Bounce data in the Program Analytics page. The Bounce data now includes Soft Bounce stats in the total bounce count. An email is marked as soft bounce only after all attempts to deliver the email are completed.

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This week’s hotfix with the Program Analytics updates is delayed to June 12.

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Lila - how come the timeline feature is impacted July 2 but falls outside of a release? How are admins that aren’t active in community being notified of this change?

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Hi Kelly, I’m not sure about the technical reason for the change going into effect outside of the regular release, but we are communicating to all Admins about this change in the app itself (in multiple places), the release notes, and emails. We will share reminder messaging again as we get closer to July 2 as well.