Measuring Feature Pull-through with Adoption Analytics

  • 23 July 2019
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Something we've been curious about is how many users complete a whole workflow once they begin it. I found a way to help answer this question via Feature Adoption Analytics.

The line in blue represents the first step, which is to view the page for creating an activity (one of our primary features). The line in green represents the final step, which is to actually create the activity. There are several required steps in between that I chose to not include here.

If I wanted a more granular view, i.e., all the pages viewed and buttons clicked in between the first and last step, I would have chosen to answer this question in Path Analyzer. In this instance, we just wanted the bird's eye view of feature pull-through over time.

If I wanted to remove the time component from the X axis, I could use Audience > Funnel view. This view is one that I could use some help understanding further.

Is the Y axis measuring events or unique users? In other words, is this view telling me that:

  1. 78% of users who "View Create Individual Project" (orange) go all the way through to "Create Individual Project" (green)? OR
  2. 78% of the time, the event "View Create Individual Project" (orange) is followed by the event "Create Individual Project" (green)? (i.e., not factoring in whether 1 user did this over and over, therefore spiking the pull-through)

Hope the use case helps!

3 replies

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@julie_pinto Another very cool use case and analysis/ insight! Logging all these as great use cases :)

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Another great post Julie, thank you.

Funnel reports track your users' progression from point A to point B with any/all specified steps in between, so #1 is the right way to interpret your funnel report.

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Great! That helps clarify, so thank you.