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I received this feedback from an end user. Any suggestions about how to get Gainsight to work in Safari?

“Gainsight does not seem to work in Safari, on any platform (MacOS, iPadOS, iOS, etc.) and fails during the login flow, even with all content blockers and filter extensions disabled. It's not clear whether there are any compatibility issues within the Gainsight dashboards and other screens since I can't get through login.

Adding support for Safari would be helpful for greater usability, and in particular make it easier for team members once we start traveling again and team members might be using several different devices.”

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@emcinerney sorry for the inconvenience. Gainsight should work on Safari too. 

If you are talking for Mobile, Gainsight Mobile App is available for iOS and Android users. The App for iOS works across iOS 10.0 or higher editions, and for Android it is Nougat (7.0) or higher editions and works across Samsung S10+, S9, and Pixel 3.

Could you please check the versions and get back to us, so that we help you better.

Here’s an update: The issue is with the integration between Okta and Gainsight.

When the user goes to directly, and have not gone through Okta (either via the extension on desktop or in the browser on mobile) then it hangs and will not let him load it.

If he goes through the Okta interface to load it, it will load and behave as expected. This same behavior is not observed with other sites; he can go to them directly and be redirected to the Okta login flow.

The issue seems to be some odd combination of Okta, Gainsight, and Safari. It is also possible that part of the issue could stem from a change in Safari coming in iOS 15 as he is on the beta for that. This could be a challenge that surfaces for other users later once iOS 15 is released officially?


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Hey this is an old thread, but wanted to note here: 

We were having an issue wherein we could not load NXT via Salesforce in Safari, even though it worked fine via Chrome logging in the exact same way. 

I turned off the option in Safari Preferences → Privacy → Website Tracking → Prevent Cross-Site Tracking, and this enabled the site to load perfectly in Safari. @emcinerney  that might be helpful, but also might cause issues with organizations and strict same-origin policies, so might want to check with your team an ensure there’s no cascading issues caused by you disabling it (should be fine, tbh). 

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We had the same issue as described by @emcinerney , where Okta authentication is not being passed from SFDC to NXT when accessing via Safari. We resolved it by having everyone use Google Chrome.