Admin 101 Training - Reminders and a Special Offer!

  • 20 October 2016
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Hi Community!

Have you enrolled or started Admin 101 within the last few months but haven’t found the time to get back to completing it?  If so, here’s a little incentive to help you get back on-track!

Special Offer!

Through October 31st, those who complete Admin 101 will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a free Customer Success University pass to another course (valued at $299)!  We’ll be giving away a total of three of these passes and there’s more than a week remaining! 

Why Train?

We find that admins who complete Admin 101 have a much broader understanding of Gainsight and feel much more confident in using Gainsight on a daily basis.  

Here are some quotes from some of our learners:

“I feel like I am getting it... Overall I now have the confidence that I have what it takes to configure and figure things out... it is awesome that I now have the skills to do things on my own.”
“Admin 101 was super helpful for me. I didn't feel comfortable or even know where to start building these kinds of rules when I tried a few months ago.
Quick Wins:

For many of you who are in-progress and have one or two modules remaining, a quick review of the remaining modules can put you over the edge.  Once complete, you’ll receive your Certificate of Completion as well!

For our Experts:

Many of you Expert Admins may already know much of this content!  We recommend that you skim materials to seek any gaps, then take our test and validate your command of the fundamentals!

[i]Admin Certification is coming, so be ready!  This is great review and practice!

And Remember ...

As you work through materials, we’d also like to hear what new content you’re seeking more in-depth training content.  Of course, things like Data Spaces and Relationships are at the top of our list, but there are a great many things we’re sure you want to learn.  

If you need additional assistance with your login, please contact the Training Team at

Link to Admin 101 Training


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