Automatically Adding Email Program Participants to a Survey

  • 1 July 2020
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As a Gainsight Admin, I would like the ability to create an email chain of communications that will end in the sending of a Survey to the customer to gather feedback.

Presently, I need to automatically create a cta or milestone and leverage that in the query builder for a separate Survey Program. It would be immensely helpful to be able to send a survey email within a email chain program.

Bonus points: Add the action to JO to “Create Milestone” for a customer based on their place in a program


If anyone has a standard approach or solution to this or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.  I’m still a JO padawan and likely will be for some time :)

2 replies

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Hi Keith!

I know this doesn’t help you immediately, so hopefully others can comment on their current solutions too. But there is a complete re-imagining/redesign of Program configuration underway that will allow for a lot more flexibility and customization of Programs. 

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@keith_mattes - I’d vote up the ability to use Surveys within Email Chains in a heartbeat. I’ve encountered a number of use cases when including a Survey within an Email Chain (and not be constrained by the Survey-related Programs) would be ideal.