Use Linked Object ID in Rule Action as Identifier

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I really like the new feature in Rules Engine action to auto link a record to the CTA.

One enhancement I see is the ability to use the record ID as a possible identifier when running the rule, just like we have CTA name. This would add flexibility in situations where you may not want to tokenize the ID or name in the CTA name to make it unique. The linked record ID could add a 'behind the scenes' unique key.

Today, it looks like the action ignored this field when the CTAs are upserted upon rule runs, similar to the playbook.
Thanks for the idea. We will look into the possibilities of adding this capability.
@nitisha_rathi Any progress here? This is a minor thing but would be very helpful for us. Thanks!

I could see this potentially be useful in being able to create CTAs to a new Linked Object of the same type and reason. We have scenario where we need to update the Linked Object on a couple hundred CTAs. If we had Linked Object as an Identifier then we could at least create a new CTA and Mass Delete the old ones.