Timeline: Ability to edit entries that you did not create

@nitisha_rathi  - is there any thought on allowing users to edit entries that they have not created? This is handy for CSM transitions and also for anytime there is a collaboration in a meeting. Use case: CSM enters in the entry and assistant goes in to take notes in the same place where agenda was made 

This would be super useful. You could add a toggle or checkbox on the entry to “allow collaboration” or something so that users can have some control on whether or not others can change their entries.

@Erseburse , Thanks for sharing your feedback. We don’t have an immediate plan to support this as the team is occupied with other High-Priority items. but, yes we’ve added this to the long-term roadmap.

+1 We leverage the Gong integration to auto generate meetings and rely on Meeting Reasons to understand in what context the teams are interacting with customers. They collaborate with AEs regularly who often handle scheduling when related to new products, expansions, etc. CSM is unable to designate Meeting Reason when an AE schedules the meeting. Ideal would be to allow CS/account owner or any internal attendees to edit timeline activities.  


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