Support lightening custom domain in SFDC connector

Hi Team,

We have a customer who is creating SFDC connector using custom domain as "https://********"

Due to this, we are unable to authorize connector and resulting in "Token null - Authorization failed" issue. As a workaround, we are using "https://*******" as "custom domain" and it works fine.

Can we please support lightening domain as "https://********" while creating SFDC connection ? SS :



Hi Hardik,

We will take this enhancement request to the abcklog for prioritization.


thanks @sumesh

@hardik_mota changing this to idea post for tracking purposes! 


Hi @sumesh , 

Do we have ETA to this enhancement request? We have few customers who have noticed similar behaviour when using lightening URL. 

We just wasted a few weeks trying to connect our sandboxes going back and forth with our SF admins and turns out the issue was this… :( 

we ran into this issue during initial authentication, and needed a call with support to resolve it. 

I just ran into this too. Cmon Gainsight can we please fix this?  I just lost 30 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong...

Hi @rakesh !


Can you please provide us the tentative ETA for this request? It’s been impacted to multiple customers.