[SFDC Task/Event to Timeline] Delete Created Timeline Entry If Supporting SFDC Event/Task Record is Removed.

Posting on behalf of a customer.


It is found for the Timeline Integration that syncs from Task/Event into Activity Timeline, if the supporting SFDC Event/Task is removed from SFDC the dependent Timeline entry isn’t removed.


It be a good idea to have our sync job give the option to remove invalid synced Timeline entries to ensure accurate information is present, so users aren’t misled by invalid Timeline entries.


Link to integration sync doc:


@kevin_ly do you mean only selected entries should be synced?

It's more like for ones already synced to timeline. If I deleted the SFDC Tasks that made that entry in timeline, it should be deleted also on next sync.

Thanks for the post. We will look into the possibilities of adding this feature and will keep you updated about the status. As of now, We don’t have an immediate plan to support this as the team is occupied with other High-Priority items.