Send CSM Digest Email For Open or Upcoming Due CTAs

What would be the best way to email the CSM an email that contains a digest of all CTAs that are due "within the next N days"?

With Gainsight's v6.2 release (coming in April) admins can define Journey Orchestrator programs with embedded or attached reports that can be filtered based on the user properties. Previously reports sent with a JO program could only be filtered by account.

This new enhancement should allow you to create a report that shows all CTAs due within the next N days, and then schedule a JO program to send this email out daily or weekly.

THIS IS AWESOME!!! Super excited to look into that more when the update is released!!!

Agreed Faust! This release is gonna be huge!!

Thanks Dan! Did you see I posted this question right before the Release Review? So exciting!

@dan_ahrens @kate_green how do you add the digest/list of CTAs due in the email? Report does not seem to support tabular view.

Hi @aparimala - details on how to embed and attach reports to Journey Orchestrator Programs are found here: