Scorecard Comment History Report

(Posting this on behalf of one user)

"Attempting to create a Scorecard Comment History report to view why the manual scores were given over time. I don't see the option to show the comments on the Account Scorecard History object. Where would the comment history be stored and how would I visualize it?"

Is saving historic comments in Account History added to our road map ??

​​@shiv_kumar_katiyar Thanks for bringing it here!

Sorry for the inconvenience, currently we don't have a feature called Scorecard Comment History, but we looking for alternatives to achive this, I will let you once this is considered.

Hence it is a new enhancement request, changing this to idea post.

Keep posting!

Hi @shiv_kumar_katiyar

Thanks for sharing this. We are planning to replacing the scorcard comments with timeline, that would give the abilityt to view the historical comments. A couple of questions:

- This is for manual measures right ? (i.e comments which were entered manually by the CSM?)

- What is the report you ideally want? Week on Week report of the score value + what the comment was? (And is this per account i.e in the 360?)

We want this too. @aditya_marla what is the timeframe for when you expect scorecard comments to be replaced with timeline?

We're interested primarily in manual measures, but seeing the comment history for all measures would be useful.

We're looking for both the ability to show time period over time period (weeks, months, quarters) the ability to see score value + comment. Both individually on C360 and collectively on dashboard.

This is huge for us.  We are moving from Scorecard 1.0 comment field  into 2.0’s timeline style. History on a specific measure would be ideal for our teams during Business or Success Reviews year-over-year.