Scorecard 2.0 Mass Edit Report only pulls in first 100 lines

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We are currently working to build reports on Scorecard 2.0 for the long tail of our customers (25,000+). The hope was to do this using the "mass edit" report type which would allow for our 1:Many CSM's to filter various columns in the reports to identify trends. However, it appears that only the first 100 rows are being pulled into the report and being applied when filtering. 

Is this a bug? Or is this a limitation that will be addressed in the near future? 
Hi Samantha,

This looks like a bug and not intended behaviour. Could you please raise a support ticket for the same? We would have to dig deep to understand better.


Abhishek S
Hey Abhishek, through the support process this was considered expected behavior and therefore a limitation. 

This post is now more of a enhancement request vs issue.

To Add, I will also say we it probably a good idea for the application to have this, seems unrealistic to short each page, when you want to see all read accounts.
To add some additional context, this inability for Scorecard 2.0 'Mass Edit' report to allow for use to filter and sort across the entire database is a limitation for our CSM's managing the long tail of our customers. This behavior is different than UI Views which allowed filtering to be applied across the scorecard.
Any update on this?
I have gotten another ticket that hits on this issue as well.
I have also submitted a ticket regarding this behavior.


want to sort primarily by $ACV, but when we do, it only sorts the ACV of the

first 100 records according to the alphabet, so we see the ACV sort for

customers A-B which is not an accurate sort by ACV of the desired customer segment if

there are more than 100 records.
Same issue here. For our 1 to Many CSM's the mass edit view is essentially useless.
I'm joining the chorus of those who have filed a Support ticket that this is a bug.

It caused us confusion when building and using the Scorecard Mass Edit table, and runs counter to the way every other Report / Dashboard functions in Gainsight, where we experience the desired behavior of ALL records being sorted rather than just the first 100 in view.

The purpose of a sort is to find the customers that are highest or lowest on some particular metric of interest. Limiting that "scope of sort" to the 100 records that happen to be in view is misleading, at best, and results in bad business decisions, at worst.
Hi Everyone, sorry for the confusion, Abhishek was referring to a different bug on search functionality.

Since the above discussion is referring to sort functionality this is not a bug.Below is the exact behavior of 

Scorecard 2.0 Mass Edit Report.

Sorting: Technically this is called Client-side sorting. Yes, this works on first 100 lines only.

Searching/Filtering: Technically this is called Server-side searching.This will search on whole data set. 

We have this in our road-map to make sorting & searching work on the whole data set.ETA is not available currently .
We are having the same issue.  Since the scorecard UI view does not load scorecard 2.0 data we had to create a report/dashboard for CSMs to see and compare their accounts' scores.  Because they can only sort 100 records at a time the report is basically useless for some of our CSMs that have 500+ accounts.  Those CSMs need to dowload as a csv and then sort (annoying) or I may possibly push the data to SFDC so we can recreate the report there (also annoying).

We just invested a lot of effort into recalculating our scorecard measures and weights and converting to scorecard 2.0 so to encounter this now is really disappointing.
I completely agree!  What is the value of having all of the logic for scorecard measures if we as Management and users can't see or sort by health score color based on next renewal date and or ARR from greatest to least?  This is not highlighting some of the key selling points of Gainsight in a favorable manner.  
HI folks, a quick update on this. We recognize that this functionality (search and sort) is pretty important for this report.

Our engineering team is working on both of these and the goal is to have the search (aka filtering) completed before the Winter release and updated via a patch release. Sorting is a bit more technically challenging and is being targeted for our Winter release (if possible sooner, we will try to do that). 
Hi Product Team - Any update on when "search/filtering" and "sorting" for the Scorecard mass edit view will be designed to work beyond the first 100 records?
Hi Elaine, 

"Search" in the Mass Edit Report will now work on the entire dataset (there were some issues with this, which have been fixed with the latest patch).
I can confirm with Aditya that the ability to Search / Filter works well with Scorecard Mass Edit. That is, if you enter criteria in the column headers, the Scorecard Mass Edit returns ALL records that match your criteria, even those beyond the first 100.

I believe Sort still has a limitation though, and is restricted to the 100 records 'in view'
Thanks for the update @Aditya and the confirmation on searching @Matt.   @Aditya, could you please share an update on when we expect to have the sorting problem resolved?   Thanks again! 
One point I'd like to call attention to is that in most use cases when there is a need to look at a subset of records, often there is both some filtering done and some sorting done. When working with local data sets (like in Excel), there is no performance difference whether you filter first or sort first.

But...when working with client server data sets, it's going to be better to filter first and then sort (so you're only pulling the data that is relevant). 

So in the use case for this report (and with respect to the current limitation on sort), it is recommended to filter the data set as much as you can first. 
Thanks for the tips, Dan.  In a lot of cases, the filtering won't get you to less then 100 rows so unfortunately resolving the sorting problem is still top of mind for customers.   @Aditya, could you please share an update on when we expect to have the sorting problem resolved?   Thanks again! 
Hi Elaine, Internal discussions are going on this issue,mostly I will get an update by next week. 
Any update?  Thanks!
Also wondering if there is an update to share. 
Is there any update on this?
We've had what sounds like the same issue when viewing the "Standard View" in the Scorecards tab.  Attempts to filter a column yield no results if the values chosen aren't within the 100 records currently displayed.  Definitely a pain point, removing the utility this list originally provided.  Updates would be welcome!  
Hi, our team was referred to this issue by the Gainsight Support team because we need the Scorecard dashboard filters to return results for more than one screen at a time.  I thought it used to return all results, but I was told it does not.  I hope to see this resolved soon, as we rely on that screen to slice and dice health scores across Segments, Industries, Account Owners, etc.
I was excited to move to scorecards 2.0, but now after trying to replicate our scorecard UI views using the mass edit report builder, I wish we hadn't migrated. I agree with the above poster that this report is essentially useless without the ability to sort across our entire base.

We need to be able to see reds and yellows holistically across the entire customer base, not 100 customers at a time. This breaks several of our dashboards that we use in our at-risk meetings and I will have to try and figure out some kind of work around until the winter release. If there's anything product can do to prioritize this we'd appreciate it. We're at a critical point in our organization's adoption of Gainsight, and this is going to be a tough one to explain to managers and executives. Moving to scorecards 2.0 should come with a huge disclaimer that you'll no longer be able to utilize UI views and thus, not be able to sort your dashboards by scorecard color. 

Thank you for your consideration.