Rules Engine Horizon View feedback

Overall the new Rules Engine experience has several improved features, however here are a few items that are still challenging:

  1. Below (and same for Rule Chain view and everywhere else in NXT where asset names are shown)

  1. The ordering of the columns needs to be improved, similar to the order in the Rule Chain view….not sure why Created By, Created On, Last Modified and Modified By are listed before the Last Run Status, Folder and Next Scheduled Run (which IMO would be referenced more often than the the created/modified columns).  But at least if it was sticky when I reordered them I could make my peace with it.  Alas, they are not.
  2. Need a way to quickly clear/reset filters instead of having to Edit the filters and remove them manually.
  3. This is a little more minor, but the Activity tab should have same navigation functionality as the other two tabs, meaning I should be able to view the Activity tab within the standard NXT view without having to click my browser back button.
  4. Would be really great if RT rules and Bionic rules could coexist in the same view without having to search two separate panes for rules related to certain objects, etc.

I would add that I miss being able to click anywhere in the white space of the rule to pull up the execution history/rule setup/etc. Now I have to click on the (too little, as Jeff notes) area where the Rule Name is shown. Might seem minor, but it gets me all the time.

I agree with all the points highlighted by @darkknight especially the third one. We will have to click on too many places just to clear the filters applied on Rules Engine page.

Adding to this one more point @darkknight -