Robot Font is not getting reflected in the End Application

Hi All,

Roboto font is used by the PX application and that it is available in the Editor. However, Roboto is not a web safe font, and it is unavailable/not getting applied for the customer application. if the customer wants this font to be available he needs to add it by himself to his application.

To get rid of this, it will be helpful that specific fonts should be loaded by the PX-SDK only.

R Satheesh

Yes, the Roboto font is used by PX interface but in the engagements that are designed for your web application, you’ll want to be sure to use the font that your web application uses so that 

  1. you can maintain UX consistency across your web application
  2. ensure that the font is available when the engagement launches

A best practice to create a template that uses the specified font so that engagements created based on the template will already have the desired font. This way future engagements always use consistent and available font.