Request: Holiday Support for Data and Rule Filters

Apologies if this is a duplicate, but I didn’t see something specific to this.


Gainsight supports date range filters, and in rules you have weekend and weekday differentials. I would like the ability to filter in reporting (including data designer) and schedule in Rules and Programs around holidays.

To be effective, this would need to be dynamic, as not all holidays have a fixed day of the month or range they start on. I could see this needing some user input, where they as a one time upload a sort of “holiday calendar” of dates they want to include, or GS just does it natively, which is ideal.


The idea behind this is you may not want rules to run on certain holidays. You may also want to filter for certain holidays on reports of say, support tickets to know if you have more/less tickets on holidays. For programs, maybe you want to send a campaing that is targeted around a holiday or not not hit certain holidays. Those are just a couple minimal examples but I’m sure there are other use cases.


P.S. I guess for continuity this should extend to PX as well for cross platform engagements.


Thanks for sharing this @bradleymcg 

I understand that the current scheduler can work around Saturday and Sundays but not holidays. Would it be possible for you to share where we might need this along with some additional usecases? Just looking at more examples where this could be used.


@All, free free to post some examples / upvote this post


  • You have a JO Program that you want to run on holidays to include office closure/availability
  • You don’t want your NPS survey to send on a holiday
  • You don’t want CSAT surveys to go out on holidays
  • You don’t want any of your JO Program follow-up emails to go out on holidays
  • You have rules that trigger CTA creation you don’t want to go on holidays
  • You have rules that are event-based you don’t want firing on holidays, or maybe you ONLY want firing on holidays
  • You want to see how many support tickets you receive on holidays vs non-holidays
  • You have a global operation and want to tailor your content to different market segments and be sensitive to releasing content around certain holidays, or not releasing it
  • You want to exclude holidays from product usage data
  • You want to only look at holiday product usage date
  • You want to compare holiday vs non-holiday product usage data

I’m sure there are more but those are some off of the top of my head. As to where, I went over that in my first post, but really wherever you are using date information: Rules engine, reporting, data designer, etc.

@bradleymcg i posted similarly - 


@andreammelde Awesome! Somehow I missed that when searching for this idea - I was a bit greedier and wanted it more widely available. I’ll link mine over there so they don’t get lost as they’re pretty related.

@bradleymcg ideally I agree with you though!


The ability to apply a holiday calendar should be available in CTAs due dates, rule trigger dates, and program email send dates

@bradleymcg ideally I agree with you though!


The ability to apply a holiday calendar should be available in CTAs due dates, rule trigger dates, and program email send dates

#1 Gainsight Product ask: Continuity.

@dan_ahrens : Do you know if this is something on our roadmap? @AgassiTran 

@dan_ahrens : Do you know if this is something on our roadmap? @AgassiTran 

Looks like @rakesh is already here. 🙂 I’ll let him provide any details on potential roadmap consideration. I know the roadmap backlog in Rules, Journey Orchestrator, and Reporting is already pretty deep - these are some of our most popular product areas that generate the most enhancement ideas.