Request: Customize the KC bot title and link colors

Allow further customization of the bot to fit our company’s design system and style guide.

  1. Allow the ability to customize the KC bot title size:


  1. and customize the color of links (default, hover, focus, visited) for categories, engagement and articles:


Hello @amadeo, thank you for your post. We sure do hear your request, hence looping in our Product Manager to look into this and take it forward. 

Hi @amadeo 


for your first question, i see we support changing color of the text, but not the font . I will get this added to the things to add

For the Link settings, I see we have hover settings


@skalle I have tinkered the first set of settings and they do not alter the link colors, just the title text. font-size is missing.

The hover settings only alter the right side arrow, the left side edge stripe color and the background that appears on hover.

It would be great to add a link settings section where I can set the default, hover, active and visited link colors. Those are standard CSS styles.

Thank you.