Reoccuring Tasks

It's great that you can create reoccuring CTAs, but would also be helpful to be able to create reoccuring tasks.  This would come in handy especially with Success Plans.  Currently, we are using Success Plans for account stages, so we'd create a Success Plan for on-boarding.  One of the objectives might be get buy in from the end users, and that might require biweekly calls with the users.  Currently, you'd have to create the task for each call, but it would be great to be able to set a reoccuring task biweekly.  If that's not possible, a clone option would be good for tasks as well. 
Hi Heather,

Thanks for the interesting idea. We will definitely look into it and will keep you updated about it.


Nitisha Rathi
I would add another item to this suggestion to mirror outlooks reoccuring tasks. If a task could reoccur based on a time period OR a completion of the previous task (i.e. you have a review task that once complete, creates another review task). This would be a very helpful feature!
I plus 1 on Heather's and Matt's comments. We schedule weekly status calls with our customers and right now I have to create 52 tasks under a singular objective. This is not scalable nor ideal. This would be a HUGE benefit for our company.