Remove sync to salesforce icon on CTA tasks.

Posting on behalf of customer. When you’re viewing CTA tasks currently the option to sync them to salesforce is showing up. At the moment there is no way to disable that. Some user might be confused as to why it’s showing up. In the future, having the ability to disable that would cut down on confusion for users.


Agree.  Would be helpful to have the option of surfacing or hiding the manual sync buttons.

@andrew_biehle Thanks for bringing this up! What is the confusion about it? Could you please add more lines for better understanding and how do you think this can be solved? I mean do you have any ideas to cut down this confusion? 


Adding to this, we don’t have this feature set-up for use (and don’t want to) so would prefer the sync button not be visible to end-users (it throws an error to them asking for the mapping to be completed).

@holly: Got it and it's definitely useful to give the ability to not show it for end users if you do not want to sync tasks to salesforce


I had an auxiliary admin who didn’t understand the connection in that feature and set a CTA to sync which cause a collision with our sales ops team who reassigned open SFDC tasks when the account owner (sales rep) changed

@kyle_handley The ask definitely make sense! We have added this to our road-map. Thanks!