Preview Tour Engagements that are Launched

I would love the ability to preview a Tour engagement that is currently launched.  This is helpful for people who are trying to learn about how a launched engagement currently works.



Currently, a Tour engagement must be paused before it can be previewed via the in app editor preview.

This is a good suggestion, Adam!  @mickey @angelo 


If you are using Knowledge Center Bot, you could consider adding this PX Engagement there so that users can replay it anytime.  I know it is not a “preview” option, but could be useful to see it in action for real. 


Also, you can limit the Knowledge Center bot to only specific URLs in your application, so you could deploy it in a place that most users do not visit … just while you are testing it out.


I hope this helps a little…



Great suggestion!  We’re using KC Bot for everyone so not a great option for us.  I wonder if there’s any way to force it through a url hack - aka is there any way to force the in-app editor or preview to open through a handcrafted URL?

This would be helpful for me as well - mostly because I always forget to send a preview of it to partner teams who are not actively using our product so they can see what it looks like. 

This is also an important request for us. The ability to examine the “functionality” of an engagement in real time is important for troubleshooting and/or assessing updated.

Live preview is available in all engagement types except the Guide/Tour type.

Although there are ways to view/test the live engagement as per the other suggestions…  we do plan on delivering the ability to preview live guide engagements as part of the new Engagement Experience planned for the 2nd half of this year.

We would also greatly benefit from the ability to preview Engagements that are already active. Recently, I had to pause an Engagement to demonstrate its functionality to a new employee, but I forgot to re-enable the Engagement and lost out on 2-3 weeks of activity because of my mistake. If I could have demo’d the Engagement without pausing it, I wouldn’t have made that mistake in the first place.