Power BI Integration

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In the November 19’ release notes it was mentioned Gainsight integrates with Tableau. Our company utilizes Power BI so curious to know if it’s on the road map to integrate with Power BI?

Hi @Colin,

What Power BI integrations are you referring to? 

Do you want an integration to pull data into Gainsight from Power BI or to report in Power BI on data from Gainsight/

Hi @rakesh - we would like to report in Power BI on the data we have in Gainsight

+1 We’d also like to do this. Curious to see if it’s on the roadmap at all.

@colin @Kate Thank you for letting us know. We have this feature in our long term roadmap.

@colin - if you are on the SFDC version and you want to pull from Gainsight data in SFDC, you might be able to find a PowerBI SFDC Connector that could easily work for this. 

If you’re on Nxt and can’t use a SFDC connector, your next best bet would be to create a rule to export the data to S3 on a regular basis. Here’s an article on how to do this in the SFDC version: 


Once you have the data exporting from GS, you should be able to pick it up from Amazon S3 and ingest into PowerBI. Hope this helps while GS works on more integrations.

My company would love the reverse integration - using PX to provide in-app engagements and product analytics for a web-based product built entirely out of PowerBI dashboards and widgets.

We haven’t found a way to include the Gainsight <script> tags in the PowerBI configuration to be able to instrument things in the application, but would be thrilled if that integration existed. If any of you know how to do this, please let me know!

I was able to push my Gainsight Data to PowerBI via Microsoft Dataflows and calling a Gainsight API to fetch specific objects and fields that I wanted to report on.


There is currently some limitations on how many rows of data you can retrieve, but by creating a recurring algorithm I am able to fetch data that exceeds 100K rows.  Here is a link to the documentation that helped me to build out the dataflow.


I’ve used this to pull Scorecard, CTA, and timeline data into PowerBI to be consumed by users external to our GS instance.  This also allows other people within my business to access GS data in their own reports, its pretty early in terms of leveraging this new capability, but it seems that this will enable us to find a lot of value.






Using the Gainsight API, you can pull in GS data and also have other datasources pulled into the PBI environment and connect things or create relationships between the GS Data and other data sources.

Hi @srkardel,

Thanks for this long response! Unfortunately, the problem is not about pulling data from Gainsight (which Gainsight does make very easy to do through the APIs you link to, the S3 integration, and other mechanisms), but about engaging with users and measuring behavior in a PowerBI-built customer-facing analytics application using PX - the reverse of what you’re describing.

Right now, my company is planning on using PowerBI’s own tools to measure dashboard usage, but we’d love to eventually have Gainsight’s true customer success capabilities.