opportunity linking from rules

I have a rule that assigns a CTA when a new renewal opportunity is created.  How do I set the opportunity link on the CTA when it is created?
It is not yet possible to link records to a CTA via rules engine. It is on our roadmap to add this capability. 
any type of update on when we can get this functionality?  it would be a great efficiency win :)

Also, you currently can only link via the name of the opportunity, which can be an issue as it is not always unique (user entry).  Any way you can update the code base to also search against the SFDC opportunity ID created by the system?
We would also like this when creating success plans via the rules engine for the underlying tasks that are synced to Salesforce, we need to see the tasks associated to the renewal opp not the account.

Ability to link objects (opportunities, cases, etc.) to a CTA via rules engine will be available in Feb release. 


Kiersti - With 5.5 release, You can link an opportunity to CTA via rules engine. Read more about it here
The link above is broken for me, does anyone know where this info lives now?
Find the information explained in this tutorial.https://support.gainsight.com/Product...