NPS 2.0 Reporting

It would be nice if the new NPS Survey Response object contained the free response NPS comments in a more consumable form. To clarify, I'm not talking aboutthe default NPS comment question, I mean responses from the unique survey questions we create. As opposed to using the default "comment" section directly under the NPS score rating, we prefer to use survey logic to direct the customer to a more tailored question concerning their score reasoning. Having to pull those free responses from a flattened, survey-specific object is not very scalable for future reporting and requires a lot of re-creation of reports for ongoing dashboards.

Hi Jordan,

I'm trying to reassert my understanding of your post. Please confirm if below understanding is correct?


Given that I have collected responses for a survey composed of bunch of free text questions apart from the NPS question (with or without comment), I should be able to capture the NPS sentiment computed using all these free text inputs provided in each response regardless of whether user answered or didn't answered the NPS Question's justification (NPS comment). In other words, the NPS Survey Response.sentiment should be computed for all of the free text inputs collected by that survey response and NOT just solely be based on NPS comment alone. In NPS 2.0 sentiment feed UI, the sentiment is justified with all of the free text comments.

Is above aligned with your ask or have I lost it completely?