Multi-select picklist option available in Timeline

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Customer wants a timeline entry for product audit. In that audit, there will be multiple products that will be audited. How can they mark more than one product in the dropdown that shows up if there is no multi-select picklist option?

Hi Meenal,


Agree that it is important and it is in our medium-term roadmap. I will update the ETA once we start working on it.




+1 for this!

+1 this request. We have a use case where we would like CSMs to log activities like 'Meeting' and be able to specify the 'Purpose' for the meeting from a list of pre-defined values (e.g. renewal discussion, exec visit, roadmap presentation, etc.) where there may be more than one applicable value (e.g. an exec visit can include a renewal discussion).

+1 to this—like many others, we want to be able to specify what was covered in a meeting with clients, and multiple things may have been discussed, so a multi-select picklist is ideal. The 15-field limit on Timeline makes it so that we can't have checkboxes for all of these, and those are not aesthetically pleasing, anyway!

@nitisha_rathi any update on the below enhancement? FYI @Jaya 


All, Sorry for the delay. Do due to other priorities we moved this to backlog but we definitely have this in our near term road-map. 


+1 We would also like to use it for feature tracking. It seems strange that you can create a multi-select dropdown in Data Management, but can’t add it to the Timeline layout.


+1 we are migrating customers to new product versions and want to track related milestones using mutli-select lists in Timeline.

+1 for this

+1 for this

This capability will be available in Q3, 2020.

Eagerly awaiting this - do you know when in Q3 it’s cited for? @nitisha_rathi 

This may be delayed to Q4. I will keep you updated about the exact ETA.

Hi @nitisha_rathi,

Are there any updates on when this will be delivered?


Hi @nitisha_rathi,

Are there any updates on when this will be delivered?


@joe_difilippo sorry for the delay on this. We have other priorities on the road-map and we will do this in near term. Thanks for your vote!!

+1 for this and vote :ballot_box: .

+1 for this


Can you share an updated ETA?

+1 on this. We have reached the limit on the fields in timeline and are having much trouble adjusting the program to our needs. We could condense 6 fields if this was a possibility leaving us with plenty of room. an update would be very helpful


Thanks for the post,  it is a valid ask and it is on our mid-term roadmap. 

Y’all are killing me with this one!! 😞 😞 :(

This was requested over 2 years ago and has 47 votes, and is in a status of Under Consideration?!  What more do we have to do to get this pushed along?!  @dan_ahrens please push this one up in priority.

Can I also add that this 

be seriously looked at as well? I like the Timeline idea but if we can’t report on it or even (last I checked) aggregate on the field when it is present in a Horizon Analytics report it’s going to be a bad time.

This one is still on the roadmap, but Timeline Templates are planned to come first.