Manually Edit User or Account Attribute VALUES in Gainsight PX


I have a custom account field for companies who’ve elected to NOT receive engagements. So I want to edit the attribute value for the specific accounts based on customer feedback whether they should receive the Engagements or not, and this can be used as a rule in audience criteria in the Engagements (Display the engagement If the custom attribute value is true only). I’d like to be able to manually change it within PX without an unnecessarily heavy API process.


Other Solutions We have:

  1. If we have the integration with SFDC, we can create a field in SFDC(Account/Contact) and Create a custom attribute on Account/User in PX and sync the value
  2. We can update the field using the API’s

However, there is no way to edit or update the field value manually.



Video Recording of the Use case:





FYI @harshibanka 

@alb another possible option is to create a Segment and add these users to the Segment as and when they choose to unsubscribe. You can then use this Segment in your Audience Rules to skip targetting this Segment of users.