mandatory field on a CTA upon creating or saving the CTA

I need to  make a mandatory field on a CTA that is required upon creating or saving the CTA.  Not only when closing the CTA.  Marking the Closed Mandatory selection does not require upon Save, only Closed.  Is there a way to accomplish this?

Hi @lesliesmith 

Thanks for sharing the idea. As of today, this is not possible. Could you provide some more details on the use-case (eg. what fields do you want as mandatory). 


@lesliesmith changing this to an idea post.

We have a required ‘Product’ field on the Call to Action and would want it filled out as soon as possible.

Our preference would be to require it to be filled out when the user first sets the Call to Action to ‘Work In Progress’.  Today, the functionality only forces the entry upon Closure.

@lesliesmith Thanks for the details you have provided. Sorry to say that this is currently not on our road-map. I want to observe other customer's interests and add this to the product backlog. 

@All, W\we add enhancement requests to the backlog based on customer's interests, so please show your interest by voting to this idea.


Adding to this post -- an option for required fields upon saving (not just closing) would be incredibly beneficial. Especially for Objective CTAs where certain fields are needed for the Snapshot, which will oftentimes be pulled before the CTA is closed.