linking objects to email tasks

A recent use case has come to my attention where it would be beneficial to have the option to link objects to email tasks. As an example if an email task is relevant to a support case it would be helpful if we could link that email to the appropriate support case. 
Is this for internal email use cases?  What are some of the use cases you are seeing?
I am also interested to learn more.  What type of 'link'?   We have linked objects on the CTA...does that not do the trick?
I would like the ability to tokenize information form the linked object into the text of the email task. Example: Open support ticket for X Days. Reference the ticket subject and status in the email associated with the task for the CSM. Currently you can only access Account and Contact information for tokens in email tasks.

Note: This is available in fully automated email from copilot, but not semi automated emails associated with CTAs.

This would be really helpful to be able to tokenize anything from a linked object on the CTA.