Integration with Zendesk

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We'd love to see a Zendesk widget that would allow our Zendesk agents to see info from Gainsight within the Zendesk window.  
Thanks for posting your idea.This is on our product roadmap.
Looking forward to this and hoping that Gainsight's link to Zendesk Orgs works better that they way that Salesforce handles it... The Salesforce-Zendesk connector relies on the SF Account name remaining identical to the Zendesk Org Name. If the Name in either system is changed, the link breaks.
Do you have another unique identifier in both systems? (For example, domain). If so, you can use the Azuqua Zendesk integration with Gainsight. This enables you to connect new and updated contact and account information between Salesforce/Gainsight and Zendesk, and completely customize it to your needs. I've attached a screenshot of a potential scenario that monitors Salesforce for any new or updated account records. It then either creates or updates the organization in Zendesk depending on whether or not the organization already exists. Hope this helps!