Integration between Timeline Activities and Google Calendar

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We have a use case where it would be helpful to see in Gainsight all of the upcoming customer calls/onsites, which we typically have stored in individual CSM calendars. Is there a way to do this presently in the system? If not, I know there's an ongoing thread about CTAs and GCal integrations that I think is similar (and not redundant) to this request.
@Jen,We understood your context. We have planned a lot for Timeline enhancements in 2018. 

Changing this to an Idea post and redirecting this to our Product Team.

Thanks for posting 🙂
A use case we had an idea for that would be tremendously useful from an integration would be taking the time, attendees, title, and the agenda description from our calendar and create a timeline entry out of it. 

Any updates on Calendar integration in any format? Even if we could either export an .ics file from Timeline into our Calendar apps or conversely push from our calendars and import an .ics file into Gainsight Timeline that'd be great. Any news???

Is there any update for plans in 2019 related to a Timeline & Calendar sync? Thank you!

Please consider similar fucntionality to:

@jackie_cofield With the new GS Mobile App for iOS (Gainsight) in place, we have introduced Calendar Integration where we are supporting Google/Outlook.

We are notifying organizer, 10 minutes before the event through a push notification. Clicking on notification shows, Summary of the Customer and a pre-filled meeting activity which you can log with necessary notes.

Notification to other internal attendees of the event is currently under development.

This feature is currently not available in Web.

If you were to close out the app, is the timeline activity saved in your drafts? The notification is great, but CSMs are most likely taking notes on their laptop vs phone during a meeting.

Also, is the same functionality for web currently on the roadmap?


For your first question, if you were to close out the app while you are adding some notes to your timeline meeting draft, click on cancel icon (X), and then select Save Draft. This will save your timeline activity in the drafts section which you can access it from Timeline/drafts section in Mobile/Web. If in case you want to close the app by swiping it out without doing the above tasks, your content will not be saved. You should again create a new activity by going to respective notification in Notification Center. Hope this answers your question.

And for the roadmap items, @manu_mittal is working it. We want to bring in Calendar Connection as a source to web which would enable different usecases across product (Like Cockpit Calendar Integration).

Please let us know if you have any questions

It would be great to know when this will be available for web!

@sai_teja_reddy_nv  What is the update on the calendar connection? This is is something that is crucial for my company and would help avoid us from churning. 

@sai_teja_reddy_nv  What is the update on the calendar connection? This is is something that is crucial for my company and would help avoid us from churning. 

Hello @srh_bsft , we are currently running beta program for Cockpit Calendar Integration (Google/Outlook), which will be available on Web. 

For more details, please visit 

And if you are looking at Timeline integration, we currently are supporting Pre-Meeting Notification in Gainsight Mobile App through Calendar. For more details, please visit

Let me know if you need more details.

I there any update on this? 

@sai_teja_reddy_nv - neither of the resources you pointed to log calendar activities to the timeline as timeline activities.

@sai_teja_reddy_nv - neither of the resources you pointed to log calendar activities to the timeline as timeline activities.

Hi @MattC , the links I have shared are the features which are implemented using Calendar Integration. Coming to your ask, there is no feature which can do a direct sync of calendar events to timeline.

If you are onboarded to Person model, you can connect your Google/Outlook account in Gainsight Mobile app which will send push notifications before any customer meetings. In that notification, you will get an option to Log Activity where few of the meeting’s details like Attendees, Duration, Company etc., are pre-populated and you just need to add any notes and log the same. More info here

Hope this helps.

@sai_teja_reddy_nv - neither of the resources you pointed to log calendar activities to the timeline as timeline activities.

@MattC did you get a change to view the comments posted by @sai_teja_reddy_nv. Please let us know if you need any hep here.

Any updates on this?  We’d really like to have two way sync between Timeline and Google Calendar.  We aren’t heavy users of CTAs, so the CTA sync doesn’t do much for us.  Thanks!

+1 this would be massively helpful for our CSM team. 

This is also very important to us. We have regular recurring calls with customers, and would love to have the ability for timeline entries to be automatically created for future instances of calls so that we can drop agenda items into these in the lead up to the call.

Also, automatically syncing through details from the calendar such as date & time, attendee lists, meeting duration, and subject would be a huge time saver

Making this feature available would ultimately save our users a tremendous amount of time since every timeline entry is manual at this point. Providing a calendar sync with timeline (especially for reoccurring activities such as meetings) would be tremendously helpful. Thanks for the consideration.

Our CSMs have been asking for this for a while and the support remains strong. It would really help highlight Activity Timeline’s value if it could see into their g-calendar (either one way or more optimally bi-directionally).

+1 to this with Outlook! It would be huge for our team.

+1 can we please get this feature in Gainsight? We would love to have future calendar events in our timelline as well. Would help us abunch for reporting.

+1!!  This would be a huge time saver and lift from the manual effort of logging every call (especially recurring ones). Would make tracking these types of things much easier and cleaner if it synced directly with gcal

@zoeyk This is in our roadmap. We will update once we have some timeline on it.

@soumitrasahu do you have any update on this, really keen to get this installed. Also happy to BETA test. CW