History tracking for CTA, pushing out the due date

Use case is a CSM will move out the date on a Task that is a part of the playbook and there is no way to track this change or see why the change was made.  Would love to have a way for the user to identify why the date was pushed out.
Hi Amanda, there is a field on the CTA object called "Original Due Date" that shows when the CTA was originally set to be due (this does not change even if the CSM changes the due date). 

Process wise it would be make sense to require the CSM to make a timeline update or note on the CTA description if they felt it necessary to change the due date. 
Hi Dan, the CTA original due date does not appear on the CTA so maybe there is a configuration setting I am not aware of.  However, the ability to have a reason (mandatory) as to why we are moving the date and reflecting this in the CTA would be ideal.  We are currently using the process as you describe above.
Hi Amanda, the CTA Original Due Date is not shown in the CTA details in cockpit but are available for reporting or rules actions.