Flag for "Create stage" with Snowflake integration



When ingesting large data sets into Gainsight, the docs recommend we set up the `create` stage in Snowflake so Gainsight can render large data sets all at once. Could there be a flag or some other form of notification within Gainsight for the Snowflake connector to highlight if and when the `create` stage schema is enabled so it is clear to the GS admin? There have been times when it got toggled on/off in Snowflake and we had to loop in GS Support to triage, only to discover that we needed our own team to make a change.



Furthermore, this somehow resolves a bug with highly infrequent duplicate rows of data. I don’t know why or what causes this, but this should also be examined. 

@jbeaumont we are looking into it, thank you for posting the request.

@jbeaumont , thanks for raising your query here. Could you please point me to the documentation that you are referring to (preferably a screenshot as well)?

@Ritesh Sharma sure! https://support.gainsight.com/Gainsight_NXT/Data_Designer/Admin_Guides/Use_Data_from_Snowflake_in_Data_Designer#Prerequisites




  • Gainsight has the capability to pull data exceeding 5GB using the Snowflake connector, provided you grant the permission of 'create stage' on the schema.
  • For the best possible results, the integration user who authenticates the Snowflake connection should have permission to create Stage in Snowflake.